Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond, is a cute diamond themed video slot by Playtech, new $1 deposit casino offering 5 reels and 50 paylines, with a fixed jackpot of 250. Set on a fairy tale backdrop of green meadows, the game has been given an adventurous appeal. The high-quality graphics and animation the game is featured with a bonus round, called the Queens Diamond, a wild card, a scatter and free spins. Place your bet with a coin size ranging between 0.01 and 100. Diamonds are a very popular theme for slot machine games, which have a luxurious appeal that entices players with a sense of excitement and set the mood!

  • Return to demonstrate your skill looking for objects, in this occasion around Mayan infrastructures, and you must, as always, be very observer…
  • It is a dark and mysterious game, in which you have to collect the diamonds and pass to the next level, moving with the arrow keys.
  • The main attraction of this game is the “Twin Spin” feature that brings together twine reels with every spin.
  • Move this ambitious miner with the arrows in search of the maximum diamonds as possible, taking into account, for example, that there is a maximum time…

Avoid to crash with those logs and other objects that will make you to slow down and to finish the game… Help the miner to get those diamonds, using dynamite to get to them, by pressing the spacebar. Move it with the arrow keys, by clicking the up arrow to exit through the doors to the next level, and remember that the ammunition is limited…

New $1 deposit casino: Knights Diamond

All games in this series offer a unique free spin bonus and a tantalizing WINometer. Move it with the arrow keys and pulls out the arm with the spacebar. A fun game of the Stick saga, where you have to help the protagonist steal a valuable gem. Use your mouse to pick one of the options, only one is the right one.

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It’s the visitors’ responsibility to check the local laws before playing online. Jewels are not just cosmetically beautiful, they are also valuable, that makes them interesting game elements. You can play games with jewels like Bejeweled, Galactic Gems, and many other Jewel themed puzzle games at Y8.

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Jewel new $1 deposit casino Games

Free of charge because we love these games and you will too. Press the brown button with yellow letters PLAY to start playing. Avoid the missiles and try to collect so much diamonds as possible, moving with the arrow keys, and controlling gravity with the letters W, A, S, and D. If you want to change the background of the setting, press the numbers 1,2 or 3…

Seven Diamonds

This hungry monster wants to eat all the ice cream that is possible, as well as to collect diamonds to buy even more food… Help by moving it with the arrow keys, being a good quarterback in the best order. Return to demonstrate your skill looking for objects, in this occasion around Mayan infrastructures, and you must, as always, be very observer… Play with the mouse, clicking on the left button of it when you are on top of the objects. Move them to make lines of three or more diamonds with the same color. Pay attention to make special combinations and earn even more points!

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Jewel new $1 deposit casino Games

4 symbol matches get you a 2,000 times payout, and 5 symbols hit the jackpot worth 10,000coins. The game has everything you can expect of Netent, including a wild card, scatter symbols, bonus rounds, and free spins. You can bet on this highly entertaining number with a coin denomination ranging between 1 and 4. It is featured with a wild symbol, a scatter, and a massive jackpot of 10,000. Place your bet at any Novomatic featuring an online casino, and play for real money, with a minimum denomination of 2, and a maximum of 1,000.