Product Development


In our Engineering Department we have an experience of over 50 years in developing projects in the most varied parts. Over the years, we have acquired a number of skills that qualifies us to assist our clients in developing the final product with 3 main factors in mind: cost savings, improved functionality and easily manufacturing. For this we have a modern 3D drawing program that allows us to interact with all types of formats that our clients work.


Our modern Tooling Department merges all the knowledge of traditional tooling with new technological innovations to this sector, so that the projects from the Engineering Department that arrive in 3D are transferred directly into our CAM program. Once they are transferred to this CAM the files go to our machining centre and our wire EDM machine, leaving until the end the expertise of our “traditional tooling.”



Thanks to the Engineering and Tooling departments we have a great ability to prototype quickly. These prototypes are provided to our customers with the intention of helping them to shape the final details of a project, even before the final release. We use the full potential of our 3D CAD-CAM programs , our modern tooling machines and a wide range of small bending toolings, such as small presses from 2 to 5 tons and manual “trams”.