About us

Industrias Huerta was founded in Madrid in the 1950’s, where it is still located. Three generations have contributed with their effort and commitment to its development.

Industrias Huerta was established based on a simple philosophy, but firm conviction that the clients’ needs are our top priority.
We started at the beginning of the 1950’s, implanted in the main companies in the telecom sector and also began supplying the aeronautic and motorcycle sectors.

In the 1960’s we opened another markets performing switchgear parts for high and medium voltage, elevators. We started working in the Automotive Sector.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s we consolidated our business in the domestic market by expanding its business portfolio in all sectors.

In the early 1990’s the electronic shift with the telephone gave a twist to the mix of products and began manufacturing strip parts, one of the main assets of our Company today. At the beginning of the 1990’s we started the export of our products to the European Union.

At the start of the new Millennium, we have experienced tremendous growth, tripling our size. We started exporting Worldwide, mainly to the new international powers such as Brazil, India and China.

In 2005 we created a new plant in Poland, to optimise our presence in Eastern Europe, which has been a very successful local collaboration with customers in the area.

We hope to continue growing globally, consolidating customers and continuing to seek customers and sectors to offer our remarkable products.