Product line

Different technical solutions to deliver optimum quality standards in all industrial sectors.

60 years of experience

In 1951 we operated in the local market. Today we manufacture in 2 countries for more than 20 international markets.

Product development

New challenges, new solutions. Building on experience and quality to tackle new opportunities, confident to solve new needs.

Technological watchtower

Always updated and informed of the latest innovations that are emerging in our fields of application.

Welcome to Industrias Huerta

Industrias Huerta is highly specialized in the design, production and marketing of technical metal parts for electrical and mechanical use in diverse sectors.

Industrias Huerta have two modern manufacturing facilities with the most advanced construction tools and parts manufacturing.


Quality has traditionally been one of the cornerstones of our management.

The maximum satisfaction of our customers is our priority.

Therefore, our Quality Policy and Objectives are addressed to “zero defects” with a continuous improvement at all levels of our Organisation.

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Alambres de Forma
Form Wires
Flejes de Estampación
Strip Parts
Muelles de Torsión
Torsion Springs
Muelles de compresión
Compression Springs
Piezas Especiales
Special Parts