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 PCA CERT 2008
TS 16949


In Industrias Huerta Quality has traditionally been one of the cornerstones of our business and our priority remains the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, our Quality Policy and Objectives are addressed to “zero defects” with a continuous improvement at all levels of our Organisation.


Our commitment and confidence from our customers allow us to work continuously with common quality methodologies like QRQC, (Quick Response Quality Control), PQA (Product Quality Assurance), etc.


To achieve our Quality Control Objectives we have the commitment of all our staff and the most up-to-date resources, at a human level (training, self-control charts, SPC, FMEA, etc) and at a technical level (with our laboratory resources), allowing us to innovate continuously.


Our ongoing commitment to excellence is supported by our external certifications, with the benchmark ISO 9000 for over a decade and more specifically in the Automotive Industry with the TS16949 since its early stages.